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The incubator
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The is a complete infrastructure to support every kind of blockchain startup. membership offers access to the best blockchain ecosystem in Europe.

15 senior engineers and researchers are building a secured Web 3.0 platform designed for enterprise-grade decentralized applications.

The Family is a long-term, strategic, minority shareholder that empowers entrepreneurs in their quest for building a scalable and profitable business model.

Starchain Capital is an investment firm focused on blockchain technologies and protocols with a view to build’ the decentralized software stack known as WEB3

The Garage

A unique place
in Europe

Created by three reputable companies, the is a venture studio designed to build an infrastructure, ecosystem and practices that enable a decentralized world.


We request 5% equity in exchange for the best blockchain ecosystem. We are primarily focusing in: insurance, finance, infrastructure, retail, public administration, transportation, warehousing, arts and entertainment and health care.
20 to 25 startups incubated per year



We empower talented entrepreneurs by giving them up to 60% equity in our in-house developed companies through Dune Network. This will fertilize the soil for the sprouting leaders of tomorrow. We aim to produce 3 to 4 MVP per year, and quickly build the founding team that will lead and take the MVP to an operational business.


Created by

Cyril Paglino

Cyril Paglino

Co-Founder, Starchain Capital

Based in San Francisco, he founded Starchain Capital, an investment firm focused on blockchain related technologies and protocols building the decentralized software stack known as WEB3.

Oussama Ammar

Oussama Ammar

Co-Founder, The Family

Business angel. Entrepreneur since ever. He founded The Family, a French leader international startup incubator. Millions have seen his Youtube videos on entrepreneurship.

Fabrice Lefessant

Fabrice Lefessant

President, Dune Foundation

Founder of Origin Labs, a software company that built dune network, an enterprise-level decentralized intrastructure and applications.
Fabrice is an INRIA researcher and a Polytechnique teacher.

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